Starobeshevskaya TPP



Содержание горючих в золе уносов
снизилось на 10%

The object of the test - the boiler TP-100;

Fuel - coal;

Test results:


1. Reducing the number of operating nozzles of black oil with 5 to 2 in light-load.

2. Lowering of CO in the flue gas through the front polutopku to 50 mg / m3.

3. Increase the average flame temperature of 150 ° C.

4. Reduction of Residual Carbon from 29% to 17-19%.

5. Avoiding podsvetochnogo fuel loads from 160 to 200 MW;

6. Reduced fuel podsvetochnogo at loads of 140 MW with 2t / hr to 1t / hr

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