Novocherkassk TPP



Снижение подсветочного топлива
3-7 тыс. м³/час

The object of the test - the boiler CCI-110; CCI-210A;
Fuel - coal;
Test results:

  • In operation, the catalyst showed an increase in core temperature of pulverized coal flame average ≈ + 100 ° C (1650 ÷ 1750 ° C to 1750 ÷ 1850 ° C).
  • When close to the nominal electrical load units achieved a reduction in fuel consumption podsvetochnogo 3-7 thousand m³ / h, stabilized mode liquid slag removal.
  • The impact on the environmental performance of the boiler is minimal - a slight increase in the gaseous emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), due to an increase in temperature of the torch.
  • Noting the positive effect on reducing the volume of required boiler cleaning work, due to the lesser degree of slagging of heating surfaces.
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