Lugansk TPP


Core temperature TORCH

Enhanced maneuverability UNIT
30 МВт

OJSC "Vostokenergo" SE "Lugansk TPP"

Fuel: coal
Boiler: TA-100

Test results:

Reducing the specific consumption of equivalent fuel for electricity production of about 8 - 9 g ce / kWh at rated load and about 9 - 10 grams of coal equivalent kWh at the minimum load.

Attain a minimum load on the boiler amounted to 390 t / h (about 120 MW) without lighting the torch and trip ACE - protection to pick up the torch. The economic effect of the substitution of natural gas (2000 cubic meters / hr.) And charcoal from the expansion range of the unit.

inner surface
boiler furnace
До применения
 После применения


Reducing chemical. unburnt carbon in the mode section from 70ppm to 20 ppm at rated load. By reducing the electrical load to 110MVt, him.nedozhog not exceed 70ppm.

  • Temperatures of steam and metal pipes do not exceed the allowable values.
  • Reducing energy consumption for its own needs.
  • Reduced resistance path flue gas and RVP as a result of cleaning the heating surfaces of the boiler. Raising the temperature of hot air for TVP stage 2 at 10-20 ° C.

The peak flame temperature in the furnace at the level rose 9.0 m
up to 1780 - 1800 ° C
Application anaklarida increases the relative intensity (power) of the radiation plume.
After the cessation of supply to the boiler anaklarida 14.12.09. during the week the temperature of the flame is gradually decreased, the content of combustibles in the fly ash and the CO content of the regime and to the raised section 21.12.09. These parameters return to the values ​​that were to anaklarida supply to the boiler.

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