The principle of Anaklaridov


When mixed with the fuel occurs anaklarida speed increase of combustion that causes luminescence of the flame and heat transfer by radiation, which is an order of magnitude above the convective.

Anaklarid causes a rise in the core temperature of the torch, which activates a chain reaction of combustion. By increasing the flame temperature of 10 ° C, the rate of chemical reactions of burning is increased several times. This contributes to the intensification of the combustion process in the kinetic and kinetic difuzionno areas. As a result, fuel is burned in a short flare.

The pyrolysis anaklarida in high temperature zone allocated additional active centers (O, H and OH radicals) enters into the combustion reaction branched chain.

The boiler furnace

Уменьшение потребления газа
  1. When the boiler anaklaridom decreased consumption of natural gas at 3.98% when compared to the boiler without filing anaklarida to work during file a.
  2. When the CO boiler without anaklarida ranged 55-158 ppm, whereas when dealing with anaklaridom did not rise above 36 ppm.
  3. The content of nitrogen oxides was 147-168 ppm in the experiments without anaklarida and 170-180 at the time of anaklarida.
на 3,1%

The object of the test - a rotary kiln Ø3,6x100m.

Fuel - IFB.

Test results:

  1. Reduction of specific consumption of fuel equivalent to 244.9 kg fuel equivalent / t to 237.7 kg fuel equivalent / ton;
  2. During the test revealed no negative impact on ANAMEGATORs combustion chamber of the furnace.
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